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How can you utilize Baseline Inq-ITS data?

When starting Inq-ITS with a class, we highly recommend beginning with one of our tutorial labs! Our tutorials are either qualitative (Flower) or quantitative (Ramp). They are free to all educators and include six total investigations!

From years of experience, I know that utilizing a new technology with students can be an arduous and sometimes embarrassing process. In the hopes of saving other educators, we have streamlined our process so you can implement Inq-ITS. Our system does not require rostering as you can share labs via a link. Absolutely none of our labs use Flash! The goal of the Basic and Advanced Tutorials is to give teachers a baseline score on students' science practices while also allowing students the opportunity to explore the phases of inquiry through a virtual investigation. Each of our virtual science labs have a similar look and feel, with the four stages of inquiry. Thus, with our tutorial labs, students will be able to become familiar with the process within Inq-ITS.

The tutorials are also a great chance for you, the teacher, to learn how to utilize our alerts and reports. To see more regarding our alerts, click here. To check out the helpful data in our reports, click here. This data can provide you with the information you need on where your students are at on key science practices. Then, you can guide your instruction accordingly! For instance, if you see that the majority of your students struggled with creating a hypothesis, yet, collected data with ease. Then, instruction can focus on building testable hypotheses!

With the baseline information in hand, you are ready to assign your first lab to your students. To determine which investigation you want to assign, check out our planning documents to help you align our labs with your standards!


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