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How can you best utilize Teacher Alerts?

This morning’s teacher training was going as predicted even considering

the fact that I have a sicko kiddo who interrupted with another Google

Classroom question. Then as I opened our Alerts, one of the teachers


“What? Your system literally gives me the words to say to students who are struggling? Are you kidding? You mean I didn’t need to ask them to scroll up and down on their teeny, tiny screens trying to figure out what was wrong? You had alerts to tell me what to say to my students this whole time?”

I have to be honest; this happens at least once a week. I feel awful when I

find out that a teacher didn’t know about our Alerts. I feel like I’ve failed

them. These alerts were built as part of a Department of Education grant

and I know through teacher interviews that they are incredibly powerful.

Progress-monitoring is exactly what teachers need right now and our alerts

provide the not just the name of who is struggling, but also how they are

struggling and the text to say to them.

Please reach out if you have questions about alerts and please tell a friend,

teachers need to know that this capability exists!


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