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Planning with Inq-ITS

Starting off a new school year is always a journey where the destination is a bit of a mystery. Add in a global pandemic and educators everywhere are asking whether they need to build an airplane in the middle of a flight, a boat in the middle of a flood, or both at the same time. With our research background, Inq-ITS was built to get you the data you need to assist your students in the midst of the unknown.

Flower and Ramp are both free to all educators so you can start off the year by spreading out a few of these general inquiry investigations to see where your students are at in terms of their critical thinking skills.... Do they know how to formulate a question/hypothesis? Can they collect data? Is there a disconnect between their science practices and their ability to write about their findings?

Inq-ITS can help you answer these questions and students will gain the critical competencies they need to excel at hands-on labs. We know students need practice to progress so we have created various Planning Documents to help you plan how you will embed Inq-ITS investigations throughout the school year.


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