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Real-Time Alerts & TIPS: The “Secret Sauce” to Enhance Science Learning

Did you know that Inq-ITS virtual labs offer both real-time alerts and TIPS (Teacher Inquiry Practice Supports) to help you with science instruction? With alerts, you can receive immediate data on your students' weaknesses; with TIPS, you receive real time support as to how to help your students either 1:1, small groups, or in whole class mode.

Specifically, real-time alerts in Inq-ITS identify areas how students are struggling, e.g., if a student is consistently running uncontrolled trials or taking an unusually long time to complete a task, you are alerted.

TIPS provides you with real-time conversation-starters that lead to demonstrable improvement in students’ science competencies.

Try Inq-ITS virtual labs for free for 30-days and discover the benefits of real-time alerts:


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