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Standards aligned labs that auto-score science practices

Inq-ITS is a science learning platform for middle school students with simulations for Physical, Life, and Earth Science - aligned with NGSS standards. Students show what they know and educators get real-time, actionable data they can use to tailor their class instruction or individual support. A pop-up cartoon dinosaur named Rex provides automatic support right when it is needed. 

Inq-ITS: an Inquiry Intelligent Tutoring System

We are proud and honored to have recieved a 5-star review from commonsense education. They say: "Inq-ITS truly embodies the three-dimensional nature of the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices."  

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Virtual Labs

Learn more about Inq-ITS virtual labs. See actual screenshots of the program, try free demos, and more!

Standards Alignment

Track student growth goals by integrating Inq-ITS activities into your middle school science



Hear from teachers who have piloted the Inq-ITS program in their classrooms over the past five years.


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Professor Janice Gobert discusses intelligent tutoring systems that can assess and adaptively react to students in real-time.


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Inq-ITS: Did you know?

A New Way To Learn

Inq-ITS is the first system to provide automated, real-time assessment and scaffolding of inquiry skills by using theories of how students learn science to guide the development of patented algorithms from the field of Educational Data Mining.

Founded by University Researchers

The Inq-ITS project was founded in 2007 by Dr. Janice Gobert at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Worcester, MA) while she was co-director of its Learning Sciences and Technologies program. Co-founders Dr. Michael Sao Pedro and Cameron Betts have collaborated with Gobert for a combined 14+ years, and are her former graduate students.

Tutoring Made Easy

Unlike other online labs, Inq-ITS uses computer science-based algorithms that automatically assess and tutor students’ authentic inquiry practices including hypothesizing and question formation, experimenting, analyzing data, and warranting claims.

Backed By NSF and the

U.S. Department of Education

Inq-ITS has received over $10M in funding from the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education for on-going research. Our research is generously funded by NSF 0733286, 1008649, and 0742503, as well as ED R305A090170, R305A120778, EDIES15C0018, and EDIES16C0014.