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Utilizing Inq-ITS AI to plan and track student STEM growth in Summer School

ESSER I and II’s significant flexibility in allowable uses provide district leaders with broad discretion on how best to respond to student needs. Extended learning opportunities like summer school, after-school programs, and tutoring services aim to deepen student engagement. Using Inq-ITS virtual science labs with fidelity ensures students' development of science competencies. Building your extended learning initiatives to include science practices will accelerate studentsscience learning. Our system emphasizes learning in language arts in addition to STEM with our auto-graded claim, evidence, and reasoning writing.

As we suggest to many of our Inq-ITS educators, you can use Inq-ITS to purely assess your students on their science competencies. We suggest starting by assigning a baseline lab to capture what the student can do on their own.

Turn on the automatic tutor in later assignments and watch the student's competencies grow. To reach proficiency students must complete, on average, 24 investigations across 8-9 topics.

Find out more on how you can use Inq-ITS as a virtual lab resource with your extended learning programs.


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