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How Inq-ITS Aligns with New STEELS Standards

In January 2022, Pennsylvania adopted new academic standards for Science, Technology Engineering, Environmental Literacy & Sustainability (STEELS). Scheduled for full integration by the 2025-26 school year, these standards are a shift from having students memorize science facts to engaging them in meaningful scientific discourse, sustained investigations, and advanced reasoning.  

Inq-ITS, an innovative, AI-based virtual science lab platform, aligns perfectly with the new STEELS standards. Here's how:

  • Promoting Inquiry-Based Learning: STEELS standards emphasize scientific discourse and practices. Inq-ITS’s virtual labs provide authentic inquiry experiences, enabling students to formulate questions, conduct investigations, analyze data, and draw conclusions in a virtual environment. This authentic approach aligns with STEELS’ emphasis on active participation in science.

  • Encouraging Deep, Sustained Investigation: Inq-ITS labs engage students in scientific investigations, fostering a deeper grasp of both the practices of science, science concepts, and cross-cutting concepts. 

  • Supporting Learning of Scientific Reasoning: Inq-ITS supports learners in developing advanced scientific thinking skills. 

As schools adapt to these new standards, Inq-ITS can provide a valuable educational tool. It offers a platform that aligns with the STEELS standards' focus on experiential learning and critical thinking, making it an ideal resource during the three-year implementation window.

Inq-ITS is ready to assist educators and students in Pennsylvania as they engage in more inquiry-based science education. With its alignment to the STEELS standards, Inq-ITS is not just a teaching tool but a bridge to the future of science learning for the state. 


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