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Exploring Density: Virtual Lab Investigation

Welcome to the fascinating world of liquid density! In this virtual lab, your students will embark on an exciting journey to explore how mass and volume interact to determine the density of various liquids. By conducting investigations, they will delve into the impact of factors such as the amount of liquid, the type of liquid, and the shape of the container on density.

The primary objective of the Liquid Density virtual lab is to provide students with an opportunity to investigate the relationship between mass, volume, and density for different liquids. By engaging in hands-on experiments, participants will gain insights into the properties of substances and understand how they contribute to density.

Now, let's delve into the driving questions that will guide our exploration:

Determine how the amount of liquid affects the density of the liquid.

To answer this question, we will vary the amount of liquid in the container while keeping other factors constant

Determine how the type of liquid affects the density of the liquid.

In this part of the investigation, we will compare the densities of different liquids, such as oil and water. By analyzing their mass and volume, we can discern the influence of the type of liquid on density.

Determine how the shape of the container affects the density of the liquid.

Here, we will examine how the shape of the container influences the density of the liquid it holds. By using containers of various shapes, we can observe any changes in mass and volume, and consequently, in density.

Inq-ITS provides an interactive and engaging platform for students to conduct virtual investigations, enabling them to deepen their understanding of scientific concepts. While students conduct their investigations, you receive real-time alerts and auto-graded reports!

Furthermore, this lab aligns with NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and addresses the Physical Science standards MS-PS1-2 and HS-PS1-2. By actively participating in this virtual lab, students will develop a solid foundation in understanding the physical properties of substances and the role they play in determining density.

Join us in the Liquid Density virtual lab and have your students uncover the intriguing world of mass, volume, and density. Prepare for your students to expand their knowledge, sharpen their analytical skills, and explore the wonders of the scientific method!

To get started, create an account here!

Happy experimenting!


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