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A Closer Look at Weather: Interactive Learning with Inq-ITS' Virtual Labs

This Inq-ITS' Virtual Lab brings the power of practical learning to students, enabling them to delve into the intricacies of weather phenomena. Today, we're casting a spotlight on our Weather Lab.

Investigating the Factors Influencing Weather :

The goal of our Weather Lab is to enable students to explore the factors that influence the severity and duration of a weather storm. The lab allows students to manipulate various environmental conditions and observe their impact on a simulated weather storm.

Our driving questions aim to guide students in their scientific inquiry:

  1. How does air temperature affect the severity of the storm?

  2. How does atmospheric temperature affect the severity of the storm?

  3. How does the speed of the storm front affect the duration of the storm?

  4. How does humidity affect the total precipitation?

These questions guide students to understand how these individual elements combine to create the complex weather phenomena we often see.

Aligning with NGSS Standards:

Inq-ITS' Virtual Weather Storm Lab aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), specifically the standard MS-ESS2-5. By aligning with this standard, we ensure our virtual lab provides not just an engaging learning experience, but also a pedagogically sound one, reinforcing students' understanding of essential meteorological concepts.

Inq-ITS' Virtual Weather Storm Lab provides an engaging platform for students to experience the intriguing world of meteorology firsthand. Through exploration and experimentation, students can enhance their understanding of the complex variables that influence weather storms.


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