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Aligning Virtual Science Labs to your Science Units

With over 150+ investigations to choose from, we know that it can be overwhelming to decide which virtual science labs to start with! With Inq-ITS, we make it as easy as possible for you to choose the correct lab for your unit.

Once you create your account, to see all of our labs, click “Topics”.

From here, you will see all the virtual labs we offer! To choose the lab that aligns with your unit, you can simply search in “Keyword Search” for the topic you are looking for. For example, Density!

Or, perhaps you are looking for a specific standard. In this case, you can search by NGSS standard as well. When searching for MS-PS1-2, you will see both our Chemical Reactions and Liquid Density lab!

We always remind our educators that each lab contains 3-4 investigations. What teachers love about Inq-ITS is you can completely customize how you want to use our labs in the classroom! Since you can assign one investigation at a time, or all of them - you can use our labs even as an assessment!


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