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Professional Development Program

At Inq-ITS, our research-based approach ensures educators are prepared and ready to utilize online science labs. Embracing professional development ensures the right implementation, instructional best practices, progress reporting that meet your achievement expectations, and success for your students.


This annual Professional Development Program is $995** per school site (limited to 20 virtual participants.)

Pre-Initial Training (2 hours) *If needed

This training is designed for schools/districts in need of a training that will take teachers
through the basics of NGSS and three-dimensional learning. We will ease teachers into the
concept of focusing less on rote memorization and instead on the science practices that are
necessary in order for students to hone their critical thinking skills.

Initial Training (3 hours - Delivered into 2 sessions if remote)

We will examine how to properly utilize Inq-ITS. This is accomplished through leading an
authentic inquiry experience through our NGSS-aligned virtual labs. We will also work with
educators to understand student placement, aligning to your curriculum map.

Mid-First Semester Session (2 hours) 

We will explore Inq-ITS Best Practices, review how to assess student progress year-to-date, remediate, and align achievement goals for the remainder of the semester. 

Mid-Year Workshop (2 hours) School/District Choice: One of the following
  • Scaffolding for Student Success at Asking Questions 

    • We know that Asking Questions is so much more than making an educated guess, but how do we help students hone this difficult skill? In this workshop, we will examine what undergirds the Science Practice “Asking Questions”, discuss how to assess student achievement, and scaffold for student success. 

  • Developing Students’ Data Literacy and Analysis Competencies 

    • This interactive session will streamline 3D learning and assessment so you can help your students master science practices and data literacy. You will learn how these competencies develop, and ways to assess competencies in a consistent, quick, and informative way. From a scaffolded hands-on lab that differentiates learners at all levels - to helping students learn data literacy skills using Inq-ITS Virtual Labs. 

  • Scaffolding Analyzing & Interpreting Data 

    • From years of research, we know that this science practice requires repetition and significant scaffolding in order for students to hone this practice. As scientists we want to analyze our data and reflect on what we’ve learned, but students have been conditioned to believe they need to have a perfect hypothesis from the beginning. 

  • Supporting Students Argumentation Competencies with Claim, Evidence, Reasoning Writing 

    • What does students’ writing proficiencies (or lack thereof) really mean for science practices assessment? From the science genius who cannot articulate his comprehension to the talented writer who lacks true understanding, we will discuss new research on how nearly 50% of our students are mis-assessed and how we can help our students to tackle these difficult skills. 

Pre High-Stakes Planning (2 hours) 

We will explore how our team can help your teachers prepare students for end of the year testing and create a plan for both summer school and next year’s success. 



* Additional and separate PD sessions are available through Rutgers University where educators receive credit hours, options are available here or email for more information. 

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