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Utilize ESSER funds to support students in STEM 

Due to the impact of the coronavirus on education, districts all over the country have been given funds from the federal government including the Elementary and Secondary Education Emergency Relief Fund and the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund. These funds can be used in a variety of ways, one of which is investing in educational technology to further support students.

It has been a particular challenge for districts to focus on STEM where engagement in authentic inquiry is necessary. This is where Inq-ITS comes in! Inq-ITS is an AI-based platform with real-time assessment and personalized learning of science. As students complete science investigations with our NGSS-aligned virtual labs, teachers obtain critical data with our Teacher Alerts, a dashboard that is used in conjunction with Inq-ITS, providing them with actionable alerts about which students need help and how to help them.

Educator use of Inq-ITS and our Teacher Alerts have expanded widely since March 2020 with over 133% growth. In a research study led by our CEO, Dr. Janice Gobert, it was shown that students, including English Language Learners, either maintained or significantly improved their science inquiry competencies using Inq-ITS during this difficult time (Adair et al., 2021).

If you want to learn more about how to get Inq-ITS in your school to assist in measuring and remediating STEM learning, visit


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