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Transforming Online Learning: Inq-ITS Boosts Biology Learning Outcomes in Indonesian Study

COVID-91 has undeniably transformed the landscape of education, propelling e-learning to the forefront of pedagogical practices. Amid this shift, Inq-ITS has emerged as a powerful tool for bolstering learning outcomes in science. We're excited to spotlight a study that emphasizes the effectiveness of our platform in enhancing biology learning outcomes in Indonesia; similar learning gains were also found in the US during COVID

Inq-ITS’ Efficacy:

The study, "The Application of Inquiry Intelligent Tutoring System in Biology Practicum", led by Muhammad Lukman Baihaqi Alfakihuddin and his team, underscores the role Inq-ITS can play in supporting students’ learning of authentic laboratory skills, even when done remotely.

The results on student learning were impressive, as stated by the study’s authors, “Inq-ITS is extremely effective in improving Biology learning outcomes. Moreover, the intelligent tutor system is extremely helpful for students to work on practicums from home so that they do not lose critical information in laboratory learning. The Inq-ITS has a significant influence on student learning achievement based on post-test scores and practicum report” (Alfakihuddin et al, 2023, p. 640).

Strengthening Key Scientific Skills:

Moreover, the study highlighted how the use of Inq-ITS aided students in enhancing vital scientific skills. The students achieved significant progress in forming questions, analyzing and interpreting data, engaging in discussions, and drawing conclusions and suggestions - all critical components of scientific inquiry, also emphasized by the NGSS in the United States.

As many students worldwide continue to perform low on science, including on standardized science tests, the need for effective learning tools has never been more acute. The results of this Indonesian study underscore the power of Inq-ITS as a tool for enhancing learning outcomes.

Join us in harnessing the power of Inq-ITS - access your free 30-day trial here.


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