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Transfer of Inq-ITS Virtual Labs to the Classroom

The only certainty for the 2021-22 school year is that we should expect the unexpected. The Inq-ITS project started in 2007 in Dr. Gobert’s research lab. Since then, we have focused on creating authentic virtual labs so students can overcome their misconceptions and gain essential critical thinking competencies. Our virtual labs are certainly essential for online schools, but did you know that we’ve published repeatedly on the efficacy of Inq-ITS in the classroom?

Whether you are in fact, an online school, or a brick and mortar attempting to prepare for the unknown, we want you to know that Inq-ITS can make the transition from in-person learning to hybrid to virtual and back again while all the time preparing your students for hands-on labs and providing you with the data you need to track student progress.

When a student begins one of our standards-aligned labs, the algorithms automatically generate performance reports and real-time alerts for teachers. Using this information, teachers can provide relevant and timely feedback to students, whether through Zoom or in the classroom. Our artificial intelligence based virtual tutor also gives students feedback as they work through the stages of inquiry.

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