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Prep for Standardized Tests with Inq-ITS

As a teacher, I can’t think of anything worse than being told that my students won’t be able to complete their Scientist Research Project (focused on scientists 👩🏾‍🔬 that actually look like them!) so they can complete a standardized multiple-choice test.

I’m a ‘how can I fill the empty glass’ kind of teacher so I’d immediately start planning how to prepare my students. We went through the obvious, when all else fails, mark C! I also took the time to review their standards from earlier grades and the standards we hadn’t had time to hit yet. Enter the Inq-ITS unit! I have to admit that I did this a few different ways and the results were comparable as my students did well above the state average even though I was teaching at a Title 1 school.

  • One option is to create an Inq-ITS unit and let students choose a few labs from a list I’ve assigned. Say, I give them 10 choices and have them choose the top 3 they feel they need to review. I would tell them to choose the ones where they feel the least confident as this is the time to review, not the time to practice what you have already mastered.

  • Another option is to create a unit that is very controlled:

Hopefully, a few Inq-ITS virtual science labs can bring some sunshine even if Punxsutawney Phil isn’t helping the cause.


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