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NJ Teacher: Their Inq-ITS Experience

Last year was my first year attempting to teach the science practices/inquiry.

To say it was a little rough around the edges is the understatement of the year, however, I found Inq-ITS incredibly helpful as it increases the level that my students were involved in the lesson and they are learning new skills. I can have students talk about what they learned and go into detail about their reflections involving the lab investigation.Moreover, I can prod my students to explain why they got the results that they did in the lab. Inq-ITS calls on students to offer more constructive explanations.

The Inq-ITS professional development hones in on the fact that it is not important if students have a correct hypothesis, but it is important that they be able to defend their hypothesis or support a new claim if the evidence doesn't back it up. Inq-ITS professional development allowed me the opportunity to think of new ways to get my students to offer valid explanations based on data.


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