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Making the Most of Your 30-Day Free Trial

With 30-days of free access to Inq-ITS, you are able to explore all of our virtual labs and features in their entirety. Here are some suggestions for how you can make the most out of your free access:

  • Real-time alerts: With our Teacher Alerts on your iPad, laptop, or smartphone, you receive alerts as to which students need assistance and on which inquiry practices and their respective sub-components. Alerts are automatically prioritized and color-coded so that you can move efficiently through the room assisting individual students.

  • Auto-graded reports: Our auto-graded report will save you time on grading! We suggest that teachers all start with a Baseline lab. This will give you information about your students’ competencies in the science practices, and students’ areas of need.

  • AI Tutor, Rex: Access to Rex who helps students improve on science practices. When assigning a lab you will have the option to include Rex or not.

  • Practice is essential for progress: Students need practice in order to hone science practices. Utilizing several of our labs is advantageous for students’ growth as well as for monitoring your student's progress. While students will typically not reach proficiency in 30-days, when using multiple labs, students will see a marked improvement.


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