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Inq-ITS AI is accurate, safe, and supports learning of the NGSS Science Practices

The NGSS science practices are essential to science education in most states. The NGSS requires students to engage in critical thinking and evidence-based reasoning. Specifically, the NGSS requires that students explore and learn about scientific phenomena by forming questions, doing experiments to test their questions, analyze data, and explain their findings.

While students work in Inq-ITS virtual labs, patented AI, provides students with real-time support that leads to demonstrable growth in science competencies, and also provides teachers with real-time formative assessments of students’ competencies, thereby eliminating teachers’ grading. Inq-ITS also monitors students and sends teachers real-time alerts about who is struggling, and how they are struggling, and provides TIPS for how to help students in whole class mode, in small groups for differentiated learning, or in 1:1 mode. Together, our real-time support to students and real-time data and alerts to teachers close the formative assessment loop and leads to robust learning that students can apply across science topics and over long periods of time.

There is a lot of press these days about AI and its benefits and risks. At Inq-ITS we take students’ data and performance very seriously. For these reasons, our patented AI algorithms were developed and validated to mitigate against bias, and the algorithms cannot morph themselves by adding in random data about your students. This is important since many high-stakes decisions are made about students based on their performance on tests. So, rest assured that your students will not be assessed via random variables that do not accurately represent their competencies.

Sign up for a free trial of Inq-ITS and see how it can help your students and teachers implement NGSS.


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