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In response to COVID-19, Inq-ITS is free for the remainder of the school year!

Teachers and parents: Click here​​​​​​​ to create  your complimentary account. Check out a quick video​​​​​​​ on how easy it is to get started.

Students: Click here to create your account using the 8-letter code given to you by your teacher or parent.

Personalized labs that grade themselves 

Inq-ITS is a science learning platform with simulations that use patented AI to support

students as they work and automatically grade their competencies at science.

Engaging Virtual Labs

Students design and run their own investigations.

Virtual Coach to help students

Immediate feedback provides the assistance students need using patented AI.

Real-time data for Educators

Automatic reports display student progress so schools get the data to demonstrate growth.

Awards and Endorsements

Supported by the NSF

and U.S. Dept. of Education

Founded by

University Researchers

Endorsed by Teachers

and the Press