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Fall 2022 Conference Demos


Flower Lab

Asking questions, collecting data, analyzing data, and writing using evidence are skills students need to practice. In this basic lab, we allow students the opportunity to practice their investigative skills so they are able to begin the process of becoming science fair participants with original investigations.


Liquid Density 

The goal of this virtual lab is to explore if the shape of the liquid's container, the amount of liquid, or the type of liquid impact its density.


Forces & Motion: Introduction

In this  introductory lab, students push sleds down various ramps to explore Newton's first and second laws. Students will see the relationships between motion and forces by changing the properties of the sled and ramp to affect the sled's velocity, time down the ramp, and force on a spring at the end of the ramp. 


Velocity: Free Fall

The goal of this virtual lab is to investigate how factors affect the time, velocity, and acceleration of a ball being dropped (no air resistance).

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