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About Inq-ITS

Inq-ITS (Inquiry Intelligent Tutoring System) is an online educational environment for science. Inq-ITS puts students in control of their own learning by leading an authentic inquiry experience through our NGSS-aligned virtual labs. As students work, Inq-ITS uses patented algorithms that automatically assess students and generate real-time reports on classroom-wide and student-specific performance for educators. Teachers also receive real-time alerts as to which students need assistance and on what skills. Rex, an AI virtual tutor, can also help students in real-time as they move through the virtual labs.  The distinctive design behind Inq-ITS provides necessary resources for teacher instruction and assessment, and for student education on critical science and learning skills.

Inq-ITS in Action


When a student starts one of our standards-aligned labs, our algorithms automatically generate performance reports and real-time alerts for teachers. Using this information, teachers can provide relevant and timely feedback to students. Our AI virtual tutor also gives students feedback as they work through the stages of inquiry. 

“When we write claim, evidence, and reasoning in class, they now automatically look for the data thanks to Inq-ITS.”

Angela Marksberry

KY Teacher of the Year 2018

“Students are able to set up proper hands-on experiments and directed hypotheses with little to no guidance from us.”

Joseph Ostgarden
Teacher & Coach of World Champion Robotic Team, ND

“Nearly 70% met or exceeded their state science tests. I honestly believe Inq-ITS helped with our students’ success.”

Ken Guffey

Science Department Chair, OR

How Inq-ITS Works


Inquiry starts by forming a testable hypothesis

All Inq-ITS activities have a similar look-and-feel to guide students through inquiry: hypothesizing, collecting data, analyzing their data, and communicating findings.


Students design and run their own investigations

Inq-ITS uses patented data-mined algorithms to determine when students do not test their hypotheses, or do not design controlled investigations, or properly analyze their data.


See classroom trends with automatic Reports 

Inq-ITS’ real-time assessment enables teachers to quickly tell how the class is progressing, and to assess each individual student’s understandings of key inquiry skills at a fine-grained level – both on each inquiry skill and its respective sub-skills.


Focus help when it's needed with real-time Alerts

Since timely feedback is critical to deep learning, Inq-Blotter, a mobile alert system, allows teachers to know who needs help the most, and on which specific inquiry skills. Teachers can get notifications about student activity on a desktop or smartphone.

Walk Through an Inq-ITS Virtual Lab

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